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Hello, friends!

I’m starting a little FaceBook promotion tomorrow called “Doll of the Week!” Here is how it will work:

1) Go to http://www.facebook.com/nonesuchdolls and click the “LIKE” button so you can keep up with the promotion and be able to make nominations and vote for your favorite Nonesuch Doll.

2) On Friday I will tell you how to nominate a Nonesuch Doll for Doll of the Week! There will be three nominees total.

3) On Saturday and Sunday you will be able to vote on the three nominated Nonesuch Dolls! The first doll to get 20 votes or whichever doll has the most votes at the end of the weekend will be the winner!

4) The winning doll will be discounted 1% off for every vote it gets for up to 20% off! So tell your friends because the more votes the Doll of the Week has, the better the discount! The doll will be discounted Monday through Sunday and then we’ll start over again!

This promotion will run through the entirety of August! WOO HOO!
See you on FaceBook!