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And so are the Nonesuch Easter Bunnies!
From left to right: Daisy, Peony, Lavender, Periwinkle, and Clover.

Available now in my Etsy Shop!

Coming Soon!

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Spring is in the air! I can feel it despite the snow showers we had yesterday and the thick ice I found on my car this morning… Earlier this week I saw the first crocus shoots poking defiantly out of the frosted ground. There are robins singing in the trees by my house. Yes, spring is on its way!

Nonesuch Garden is getting ready to celebrate Spring with five new Nonesuch dolls! Can you guess what they are? Easter bunnies!! Each one is a different springtime color with a flower name to match. They will be debuting in my Etsy Shop on March 20th; the first day of Spring!

Also coming soon is this month’s Zodiac doll: Pisces! I know I’m behind, but I promise I will make all 12 signs before the end of the year.